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Conveyor Series

  • Round disc feeder

    Round disc feeder is a kind of feeding equipment of volume measuring. Round disc feeder is widely used in metallurgy, mine, building material, coal, generating plant etc. to convey all kinds of material with no viscosity.

  • SCD Groove clinker conveyor

    SCD Groove clinker conveyor airborne level when transit (25 ° obliquity acuities throughput (units) rated m3 / h)

  • TD75, DTⅡ belt conveyor

    Belt conveyor due to large transportation amount, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, strong commonality advantages, and is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal.

  • Chain


  • ZYL center chain bucket elevator

    ZYL central chain bucket type hoist is a company introduce the same products abroad advanced technology to develop products.

  • MX duplex chain enmasse conveyor

    MX duplex chain enmasse conveyor is suitable to convey powder, grain materials. This machine is improved whose scraper is in the middle of the chains.

  • MS single row chain & hidden scraper conveyor

    MS single row chain and hidden scraper conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment for bulk material through the running scraper chains in sealed rectangle section housing.

  • NE, NSE Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

    The production from China Mining bucket elevator take the inflows, feeders, between the conveyor and each part and the material is rare extrusion and collision, smooth operation, easy maintenance.

  • Steel wire bucket elevator(TGD belt bucket elevator)

    N-TGD steel wire bucket elevator is an important equipment to convey bulk material in vertically. It is characterized by big conveying volume, high lifting height, stable driving and long life etc.

  • Bucket Elevator

    Bucket Elevator takes into the feeder, so that all parts of conveyors and materials as well as extrusion and collisions between the rare, stable operation and easy maintenance.

  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyor (belt conveyor with big slope) is widely used to convey material in factory, foodstuff warehouse and dock loading.

  • Chain Conveyor

    A kind of buried scraper conveyor rectangular cross section in a closed shell, the means of continuous motion with the scraper chain conveyor bulk materials transport equipment.

  • FU chain conveyor

    FU chain conveyor may transport powder, granular, small block material 1000 kinds.Basic throughput is formulated for cement and other materials.

  • LS Screw Conveyor

    LS screw conveyor novel structure, technical index is advanced, the head, tail bearing moved to shell outside, intermediate hanging scroll, sliding bearing using interchangeable of two kinds of structure.

Complete Technology system


Profile bending machine is the 21st century more advanced profile bending equipment, bending machine is widely used in automobile, elevator, petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries circular flange.

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