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FU chain conveyor

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FU chain conveyor
FU chain conveyor (hereinafter referred to as "chain shipped machine") is introduced advanced foreign technology, combining with the advantages of domestic products by China Mining, summarizes the general conveying equipment in practical application, the existing problems of the comprehensive developed at present domestic relatively perfect new generation of conveying equipment. Its principle is advanced, the novel structure reasonable, high efficiency and energy saving. A replacement for screw conveyor an ideal products. FU chain conveyor has been widely used in building material, chemical, thermal power, food processing, mining, machinery, metallurgy, traffic, ports, transportation and other industries.
Second, working principle
Bulk material between each particle exist within the friction and the pressure inside, when conveying chain conveyor and its attachments when motion, bulk material in conveyor machine groove by and conveying movement direction whetherisolated tension, make bulk material particles between pressure inside, thus make bulk material within friction between increase. When this kind of friction within the greater than bulk material and machine chamfer of lateral friction, bulk material conveying chain will along the moving direction of the move, and increased the pressure inside guarantee the bulk material feeding between layers of steady state, thus formed the whole continuous flow, like water generally. (when the material ratio of height and machine chamfer can meet certain conditions, material flow is stable, feeding speed approximately equal to the chain speed).
3. FU chain conveyor can be conveyed material
FU chain conveyor may transport powder, granular, small block material 1000 kinds, typically include:
Cement products, cement, lime stone raw and yellow sand ranks, coal, coke powder and fly ash, wood chip, crushed ice, cement and urea, synthetic fertilizers, soap powder, soda and soda ash, graphite, plastic particles, polyethylene, resin, potassium sulfate, vulcanization ammonium, clay powder, quartz powder, iron ore powder, broken slag, salt, starch, wheat, cottonseed, broken feed, maltose, rice, corn and soybeans.
FU chain conveyor

4.Features and technical requirements

        Convey powder or small grain bulk material horizontally or in 30 degree inclination.
Big conveying capacity, and it can reach 15m3/h-600m3/h.
Long conveying distance, and a single conveyor can reach about 60m
Energy consuming is low. It can save 40%-60% compared to screw conveyor.
The full sealing brings no leakage. It can be operated safely, reliable running, and safe environment protecting.
Long using life. The conveying chain can be normally used for 5 years. The rollers’ life can be two or three years.
It can convey from two directions and can be arranged in the upper air, on the ground or in the holes.
The material can be discharged nimbly from many points. The process arrangement is nimble.
Low using fees and low maintenance rate.

5.Process arrangement

6.Main parameter
Basic throughput is formulated for cement and other materials, actual throughput can be mastered in this table are recommended in value is less than 0-20% range. When used in other industries conveying grinding cut sex small and temperature < 60 ℃ materials, chain speed can also accelerate (fastest speed can reach chain 40m/min, see table 2). The specific and nantong middlings department contact.
Note: when the chain shipped machine throughput will tilt place, reduce, at this time, the actual transmission capacity for table 1 discount coefficient of numerical η value multiplied by.
Eight, the selection of equipment and the matters needing attention
The correct reasonable selection and use of advanced equipment maintenance can be fully exert the best performance. In selecting FU chain conveyor, should notice the following several important parameters:
(1)chain speed selection
Users should first according to be conveyed material properties, the state (e.g. : mill cut sex, materials, temperature, material particle size) factors such as choice. For conveying cement boiled raw materials and finished products of unloading the optimal chain speed can consult table 3. Other and cement performance and status of similar material can consult this chart.
(2) the type of choice
Chain speed is determined, can choose the best model according to the throughput. Each are provided with basic throughput (see chart 1). In type selection table (i.e. table 5-12) also listed maximum throughput, maximum transmission length and motivation of choice, it must be pointed out that in the same throughput, choose larger aircraft can make chain speed is reduced, thereby prolong service life, but also shoulds not be too small throughput, such as the actual quantity below the machine throughput 30% above, use happens coal layer thin, the pressure inside is too small, causing idling, but increases wear.
(3)power options
Selected models, can according to throughput, conveying length and process equipment layout situation (see chart 5-12) choose motivation and reducer speed and assembly model.
Choose drive device, can choose listed in the table of magnitude 6 Y series motor + JZQ series reducer, or selects Y series motor level 6 + ZSY series reducer or directly selects cycloidal gear motor.
Small specification recommended JZQ series configuration that way.
Drive power in 45KW above recommended grade 4 Y series motor + hydraulic coupling + ZSY series reducer (taken straight league).
Drive the assembly types are: left outfit, right to install and back mounting type (only applicable to power in 5.5 KW below XWD cycloidal gear motor).
(4)import and export of choice
The size of each access material mouth (see chart 2), the user need to undertake choosing, when the choice must pay attention to:
(1), for poor liquidity or humidity is big materials, should not be commonly use on feeding port, lest feeding poorly.
(2), due process equipment layout constraints, when the first feeding port from tail shaft close (cannot guarantee minimum distance Umin), should not be commonly use on feeding port.
(3), can be multiple feeding port and multiple discharging mouth, in addition, can also according to customer needs, providing with gate discharging port.
(4), two chains on shipped under cross cohesion, should respectively by means of intermediate underside discharging mouth (with or without sluice gate of two) and bilateral feeding port.
The matters needing attention
1, conveying material of particle size should comply with the regulations (table 1).
2, material temperature in 60 ℃ - 120 ℃, appropriate chooses relatively slow chain speed. Material temperature over 120 ℃, please don't contact with nantong middlings technology.
3, tilt (more than 15 ℃) conveying, throughput will decrease their actual throughput for (table 5-12) found get numerical again multiply discount coefficient η (see table 4), when ℃ > 4 fixing tilt, must use type chain (when ordering, clearly in the contract).
4, if choose conveying length is more than table 5-12 of maximum length (less than 90m) or conveying some special materials, or used for special occasions, users cannot choose, please don't contact with nantong middlings technology.
Nine, drive configuration and the maximum transmission length selection table
Ten, the contour structure size and links
Note: 1, the driving devices based load, can be based on user selected drive device model will decide.
2, if you use embedment parts do basic connection, do not choose the anchor bolts. The anchor bolts user self-provided.

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