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Raw Material Homogenizing Silo

Loading Machine Series

Unloader Device Series

The Valve Series

Bulk machine

Multi-channel burner

Lock the wind unloading valve

Butterfly valve

Other valves

  • ZY-decompression valve

    Decompression valve is mainly used at the terminal of pipeline to control the pressure of pipeline. The pressure can be controlled by adjusting the balanced weight of the cover. It is suitable to be used in cement and generating plant etc.

  • Air locking device

    Air locking device is mainly used for air locking for discharge of raw mill in cement plant. 

  • AQF-ⅠSafe valve

    AQF-ⅠSafe valve

  • Single pipe and screw feeder

    Single pipe and screw feeder is used to convey dry and powder material continuously, such as raw material, coal powder, and cement etc. powder to convey in short distance. It is used to feed material at the bottom silo.

  • Double pipe screw feeder

    Screw conveyor is used cycloid needle wheel reducer and VF variable frequency meter. It is charac¬terized by wide range, stable operation, low noise, tight structure and small volume.

Complete Technology system


Profile bending machine is the 21st century more advanced profile bending equipment, bending machine is widely used in automobile, elevator, petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries circular flange.

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