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Fume pipeline gate(close damper gate, fume damper gate)

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Fume pipeline gate(close damper gate, fume damper gate) is for cutting flow in smoke pipelines of generating plant. Fume pipeline gate (close damper gate) has two functions of complete opening and closing which can make the work substance in certain pipeline flow and close completely. It is characterized by nimble rotation, small driving torque, higher sealing and endurance of high work pressure and work temperature.
  The angle of starting and closing of fume pipeline gate(close damper gate, fume damper gate) is 90 degree. The starting and closing time is less than or equal to 45 seconds. When the user selects the close damper gate, the following items should be paid attention to:                                                                                             
1. The width or length of close damper gate indicates the inside dimension of internal frames of air gate frame. The width is the size of damper vertically.                                             
2. Select the same or similar specification of air gates according to the inside size of pipeline connected with air gate. The allowable deviated distance of single side is 50mm.                                                                                                              
3. when arranging the air gate in the pipelines, the damper should be kept in horizontal position.
4.The specification, not included in the series may be designed in specially according to the user’s request. 
5. When placing an order of air gate, mark the parameter of work condition.                         
a. The Max. working pressure(P) mmH2O.
b. The Max. work temperature
c. Work media                                                                                
d. Application and position of air gate in pipeline
There will be series for specification of Close Damper Gate for the user’s convinience. The specification are listed in the following table:
Supply scope:
body of air gate and driving device

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