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Material mixing machine, powder material mixing machine

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Technical overview:
the working principle of CM Series powder mixing machine is that the materials is cut in their section more than 1,800 times every minute, and then the formed smallest unit is mixed with and become part of the composition of new materials. Therefore the mixed materials obtained are uniform and keep the original materials granularity. The blades of the machine has a special Layout to ensure that the materials are experienced a 3-D movement of radial, circumferential and axial, and to form a integrated cycle progress and a continuous mix to achieve uniformity of the compositions in a short time. Accordance with sampling standards of GB/T176-1996, its standard deviation S is ≤ 1.62.
CM Series powder mixing machines are developed for powder milling process of cement industry by UP company. It can be applied either to that the milled raw cement is mixed according to required ratio to form the various grades of cements, or that the slag and fly ash
are mixed into the cement uniformally according to the required ratios to produce various grades of cements. This achieves any "blending" of variety kinds and grades of cements based on the requirements and make it possible for cement enterprises to produce multi-types
cements conveniently, flexibly and more efficiently. CM series are also applied in the mixture of multi compositions of dry raw materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, feed industry.

Technical features:
1, CM Series powder mixing machine is an online continuous mixing equipment, especially
suitable for the cement industry without the special maintenance;
2, CM Series powder mixing machine requires only a small using area of ground. It can be
installed flexibly and simply either under or on the ground and also overhead. Besides it can
be placed in the top of cement or cement silo of packing device, which has a high applicability
of the technology;
3, CM Series powder mixing machine with humane design has a flexible, safe and convenient
operation control.
4, its effect of homogenization treatment is good and the standard deviation S is <1.62;
5, its Operation is simple and electric power-saving;
6, its Electric control part can be configured DCS interface for remote computer control easily.


Type and technical parameters

type yield t/h power kw application range
CM500-Ⅱ 12~25 10 composition density, ratio
CM800-Ⅱ 25~45 22 composition density, ratio
CM1000-Ⅱ 45~80 30 composition density, ratio
CM1100-Ⅱ 80~120 45 composition density, ratio
CM1200-Ⅱ 120~180 55 composition density, ratio
CM1350-Ⅱ 180~270 75 composition density, ratio
CM1500-Ⅱ 270~380 90  
CM1850-Ⅱ 380~500 110 composition density, ratio

The sizes are different by different types, and the sizes of level installation see the following table:

Type L L1 H H1 D E
CM500-Ⅱ 4455 2250 800 475 600  
CM800-Ⅱ 5964 3840 1250 700 940  
CM1000-Ⅱ 6497 4000 1650 860 1194  
CM1100-Ⅱ 7005 4000 1494 800 1194 1228
CM1200-Ⅱ 7366 4100 1970 1200 1520 1775
CM1350-Ⅱ 7850 4600 1990 1220 1530 1850
CM1500-Ⅱ 8224 4700 2050 1220 1620 2160
CM1850-Ⅱ 8366 4900 2250 1240 2150 2760


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