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  • Double-boom(Single-boom)Stacker

    Double-boom (single-boom) stacker is a kind of important equipment for yard operations. Its main function is to stack goods unloaded by unloading machine onto storage yards, making it convenient for reclaimers to carry out material reclaiming operati..

  • Cantilever bucket wheel reclaimer

    Cantilever bucket wheel (stacker) reclaimer is a large loading and unloading equipment for continuous operation of bulk materials. It is mainly used in coal and ore storage yards in power, metallurgy, coal, building materials and chemical industries.

  • Side Cantilever Stacker

    Side cantilever stacker is the stacking machine for the long pre-uniformity stockyard. The stacker is used for stacking limestone, coal and other mineral raw materials, which has the advantages of less dust and less material segregation.

  • Circular stacker-reclaimer

    Circular stockyard stacker-reclaimer combines cantilever stacker and bridge-type scraper reclaimer.

  • semi-portal scraper reclaimer

    The semi-portal scraper reclaimer, with one track on the ground and one track in the air, has increased the space utilization rate by 50% and improved the operation stability of the equipment.

  • Portal reclaimer

    The mechanism of portal reclaimer is connected by the portal metal main frame mechanism. This series of machines can carry out high and low stacking operations across material piles, and have a certain mixing effect.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent mobile plate & belt conveyor for composite bulk materials can transport materials up to 1000t/h and has better adaptability to different materials.

  • Feeder

    The integration and surface layout of bulk solid material feeding equipment have been recognized in developed countries and widely used in cement, steel, metallurgy, coking, port and other industries.

Ship Loader

  • Ship Loader

    The ship loader on circular rail is a kind of efficient continuous ship loading equipment. It is widely used in cement, grain, sand, coal and other industries.

  • Linear Rail Type Ship Loader

    The linear rail type ship loader includes the powder ship loader and the bulk material ship loader.

  • Mobile Hopper

    Chinaming dust suppression and environmental protection hopper adopts a variety of dust and environmental control technologies to solve the above problems, such as the top anti-cross wind shield, dust seal system and integrated pulse dust collector.

  • Linear Horizontal Telescopic Ship Loader

    The linear horizontal telescopic ship loader consists of parts including a chute telescopic mechanism, a belt conveyor, a boom telescopic mechanism, a running mechanism, telescopic boom system, gantry system, tail car system and electrical equipment.

Mobile Belt Conveyer

  • Mobile Belt Conveyer

    Mobile belt conveyor is a continuous conveying and loading equipment with high efficiency, safe and reliable use and good mobility.

Long Distance Belt Conveyor

  • Long distance curved belt conveyor

    Long distance curved belt conveyor is DTII, DTII(A) type fixed belt conveyor, reduce infrastructure investment, reduce maintenance work, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Complete Technology system


Profile bending machine is the 21st century more advanced profile bending equipment, bending machine is widely used in automobile, elevator, petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries circular flange.

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