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Product Overview

  The integration and surface layout of bulk solid material feeding equipment have been recognized in developed countries and widely used in cement, steel, metallurgy, coking, port and other industries. Compared with the traditional feeding equipment using steel silo or civil casting silo in combination with plate feeder, the new surface feeder designed and manufactured by our company allows loaders or dump trucks to directly unload materials and transport them to supporting equipment to complete operations such as stacking or loading without requiring building a platform. The layout process is flexible, and the secondary treatment process of materials is avoided, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and reduces the investment cost.


Features and advantages

  Loader/truck direct unloading with a single unloading capacity up to 100 tons;

  Complete electromechanical system integration

  Intermediate storage and control of delivery volumes are available;

  Working capacity up to 2000 TPH;

  Modular design makes installation and replacement of spare parts more convenient;

Scope of application

  Cement, steel, electricity, quarries, ports and other industries;

  Auxiliary equipment of port loading/unloading;   

   Direct unloading of road trucks, loaders, trains, etc;


Configuration options

  Feeding width of 3m to 6m;        

  Various groove type, feeding control, and lightning protection grounding options;       

  Dust control system        

  Electronic control panel to meet the diverse needs of customers;        

  All-around field instruments

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