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HXS Glass-Fiber Bag Filter

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Ⅰ.Brief introduction
  HXS  glass-fiber bag filter is a kind of highly efficient, energy saving, stable driving dust filtering equipment developed by Jiangsu China-Mining Ube Environmental Engineering Co. LTD on the basis of the technology that is backflushing ash removal in separated room of LFEF glass-fiber bag filter. It absorbs domestic and overseas advanced technology of bag filters. It can be working with high efficiency for a long time on the condition of high density air dust below 260LC. The dust filter can work with negative pressure from top air inlet or bottom air inlet by backflushing of three-condition. PLC is usd in electrical control to set fixed time or fixed pressure, and to check the tempreture display. The maintainance job can be done without affecting the normal production and without stopping the machine. The length of glass fibre used is 8 to 12 m, the diameter is 200 to 300mm. The filtering area is from 1236㎡~13032㎡. The air volume used is from 26000m3/h~300000m3/h. You can choose the data according to the actual request.
It is widely applied to purify waste air in electricity, metallury, coke and cement industries etc. Such as rotary cement kiln, grate cooler, dryer, boiler of generating plant, limestone kiln, metallurgic sintering machine and electric arc furnace etc.
When it works normally, dust air will be absorbed into main pipe under the effect of ventilator. Then it will be distributed to the suction chambers via all the branch pipes and swarms into the filtering bags. Most dust will stop at the bags, while the air is purified by the bags. The purified air will go into the atmosphere along with the chimney through bag chamber.
With the thickness increased which attached on the surface of filtering bags, the resiatance of filter increases continuously. Ash removal must be done regularly to make resistance down the lowest limit so that the dust filter can work normally. The whole process of ash removing is finished through pneumatic main valve, back-flushing valve,air discharge valve, back-flushing fan and ash removal control device. Firstly the back-flushing valvle should be started. Secondly,close the air discharge valve at the same time or in turn. Open the pneumatic head valve and back-flushing valve. Under the effect of back-flushing blower, the filtering bags become shriveled from expansion. After some time, close the back-flushing valve and pneumatic main valve, and open the air discharge valve. Big amount of air will swarm into the bags from top to bottom and make them expanding and vibrating. By expanding the dust powder attached on the bags falls down to the hoppers to achieve the goal of ash removal. The dust in the hopper will be discharged to the conveyor from the bottom of pneumatic discharge valve.
Ⅲ.Structure type
Bag filter is working on the condition of top air inlet or bottom air inlet in subpressure with three conditions of back-flushing ash removal. Frame steel structure is used in the body of the dust filter. The body cannot preserve heat. If you need, please specify it when ordering.

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