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Days that Asia glue supply nervous glue price

According to the overseas media reported last week, because rain increased significantly, Thailand days supply disruption, Asian rubber adhesive price 29 steady, but the Tokyo stock exchange (TOCOM) industrial adhesive is technical downward revisions period.

Thailand January 2006 February 3, the quote fob price smoke film for every $1.65-1.64 kg, with 28. Thailand is STR20 rubber tyres level standard reported $1.65-1.64 per kilogram. December 2005 and January 2006 enrichment for per ton fob price, latex 1080-1100 dollars. Singapore, traders said last week from flooding in southern Thailand, and a lot of rubber traders holding short position, are more factors.

Japan, Tokyo Commodity Exchange period glue falling. Tokyo time 15:02 29 May 2006, index fell 2.1 per kilogram) about $1 119.52 or yen (203.7 yen yen), to, After 202.9-205.7 yen between. 28 this period to 207.4 yen, set about 17 years. Traders said, this is a hedge selling dish, technical correction and yen, $2 rebound from low mild factors influence.

Tokyo is a large firm dealer said, TOCOM period of gold and platinum (platinum) futures, glue) continue to pressure.

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