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Recent Asian ethylene market delivers live significantly weakened

Recent market trading activity is Asia ethylene last week, U.S. significantly weakened by a series of industrial events. And then merchants from market to almost no ethylene deal. However, with the recent price declines, most businesses that have been present market situation of ethylene weak. Market analysts blamed derivatives, especially the sluggish market polyethylene downstream. Although initial signs that the market started to rebound downstream polyethylene last week, but still weak market face. Due to the current market price of polyethylene, therefore not clear for production of ethylene buyers from polyethylene market. This is part of the week ethylene market delivers effect.

Northeast Asia: following last week's trading in ethylene/ton (us $760 CFR China, Taiwan) price this week after a little further deal. Allegedly, most buyers have completed their needs, so don't buy anything for cargo goods are ethylene. It is reported that Taiwan is a buyer derivatives production equipment is lower in some production failure, therefore intend to delay the shipment ethylene cargo. But some analysts believe, current and upcoming cracking unit overhaul, April second market could walk again). Because this week, so pale static trading market on the market prices are basically intent). Among buyers purchase intention for $700 / ton CFR (about), and northeast vendor selling price intention is $750 for/ton CFR (northeast) above. South Korean market, ethylene spot transactions are very limited. According to a trader, will have a boat was late march shipment of 3,000 tons ethane shipment delay to mid April shipment. In general, the businessman from market is mainly in the market. This week, south region ethylene negotiation price fluctuations, including 700 dollars per ton FOB price (Korean) has been mentioned. Production: according to a Japanese manufacturer of dynamic, will in mid-may - 6 month of the third set of naphtha chiba areas within the planned cracking unit overhaul of parking. Meanwhile, south Korean Yeochon area a capacity for 72 million tons/year cracking unit will start on April 1 for a 30-day parking maintenance.

Northeast Asia: and this is similar, southeast Asia market trading market is very limited). Buyers, especially those of ethylene production polyethylene because buyers seems reluctant to buy any cargo goods, including ethylene now several buyers have taken static wait-and-see attitude. According to a vendor said from the Middle East has some interest in, but no deal. At present, most business negotiation has admitted that the market, so also face) market weakening trend. In fact, this is $800 per ton CFR (southeast Asia) above price has ceased to exist. Reportedly, the vendor for $780 / ton CFR (southeast Asia). But buyer purchase intention price for about $750 / ton CFR (southeast Asia). Allegedly, a group of 30-35 tons of goods shipped in mid-april ($745 / ton FOB price Thailand). At the same time, another shipment to $750 per ton FOB price (Thailand). Production: a set of production Kerteh region in Malaysia to 60 tons/year cracking unit after a week-long accidents have rebooted after repair. Indian producers plan on March 27 to restart a capacity for Gandhar area of 30 tons/year cracking unit. This device has on March 17, parking maintenance.

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