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Technical parameters

Vertical bucket technical conditions

1 scope
This standard applies to all TD, TH, TB vertical bucket (hereinafter referred to as the hoist).
2 reference standard
The following standards contain provision which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. At time of publication, the editions indicated were
To effectively. All standards are subject to revision, the use of the standard of the parties should use the following standards into the possibility of the latest version.
GB/T 1184-1996 shape and position tolerances not note tolerances
GB/T 1348-1988 ductile iron
GB/T 9439-1988 castings
GB/T 11352-1989 general engineering in casting steel parts
GB/T 13306-1991 panels
GB/T 13384-1992, mechanical and electrical products packaging technical conditions
JB/T 3926.1-1999 vertical bucket hoisting machine types and basic parameters
MT/T 36-1980 mine high strength circle chain
Three technical requirements
3 1 general technical requirements
3. 1. 1 hoist should conform to the requirements 3926 JB/T, and should be approved by the prescribed procedure of design and technical documents.
1 2 3 "in welding shall be cleared surface before the dirt, weld should closely, uniform, do not have without welding, incomplete fusion, and meat, burns
Weld defects such as appearance, shall have cracks, slag, porosity.
3 (1) 3 castings GB/T 1348 should comply with the GB/T, 9439, GB/T 11352 regulation.
3. 1. 4 forgings should not intercalation, folding, crack, forging, scar, slag etc.
3 major parts of the two technical requirements
3. 2. One should eliminate stress casting sprocket holes and work within the processing, surface, the surface shall have blisters on the sand, QingSha or after
Most large eyes depth and not more than in table 1, not weld repairs, Table 1 shayan area more than 5% of the surface, and less when, should be
Be packing repair. 

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