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DZ1.0 bagged loading machine

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 I、Brief introduction                                                                      Cement bag loader is composed of plain belt conveyor, discharge bag unit, end sliding chute and middle sliding chute etc. The frame of plain belt conveyor is used steel plate bending structure which looks beautiful and strong. Driving device is used cycloid pin wheel reducer. Save covering area. Tension way is used middle vertical screw tension. Bag discharge unit of variable breadth loader is composed of vertical belt conveyor, motorized handspike and frame. When cement bag is not requested to discharge from the center position, vertical belt conveyor is on the side of packing belt conveyor. When cement bag is requested to discharge from the center position, motorized handspike will draw vertical belt conveyor and make it wobble and be in crossing position with packing belt conveyor, and start the vertical belt conveyor. Limit switches are arranged at the limiting positions of the two wobbles of the vertical belt conveyor, of which location in working condition and not-working condition is realized by limit switches. Sliding chute for special design makes cement bag fall down in the center position of belt conveyor.
  DZQ100 loader has two types which are variable breadth loader and B650 travel loader. Motorized swerving chute, middle discharge structure and loader are used in coorperation and can be controlled automatically.              
II technical parameter
III outline dimension
IV technical requirements
1. DZ1.0 bag loader is assembled in the manufacturing factory. It should do the trial-run without any load according to the instruction manual and be shipped after inspecting. Considering the convenience of transport, 3.0+1.5 can be put in the middle of the connecting support if it reaches the above requirements. Dismantling the bolts and transport it in several parts.
2. All the bags into the loader are required flat outline, average distance and strict quality.
3. The quantity of horizontal belts Z is 6. The upper + the lower = 3.0+1.5. Variable breadth belt should use special figure belt. The layer quantity is 6. The upper belt layer + the lower belt layer = 3.0+1.5
4. The steel type of the rail: P18. Material: 500. It should satisfy the GB906-66 precision requirement. The installation of the rail should meet the following requirements: the height difference of the two rails should not be over 10mm. The deviation of the two rails should not be over ±5mm. The vertical unevenness should not be over 1/500 of the rail distance. The relative standard height gap of two horizontal rails should not be over 10mm. The clearance of the rail connections should be 3-5mm. They should be welded into a whole part after installation.

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