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CSZ-300 bulk ship system

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I Brief introduction
CSZ-300 bulk ship system is to automatically convey the material from the side silo to the bulk ship. It is characterized by nimble control, fluent discharging and low resistance etc.
It can also be used in the shipment of powder and grain material of building material, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry.
II structure sketch
  1 CSZ-01 top silo feeding system
  2 CSZ-02 top silo dust filtering system
  3 CSZ-03 measuring system
  4 CSZ-04 dust filter system for ships
  5 CSZ-05 roots fan
  6 CSZ-06 bulk loader for ships
  7  CSZ-07 pipe system for compressed air
  8 CSZ-08 pipeline from roots fan to silo
  9 CSZ-09 discharging system
  10 CSZ-10 rotating structure

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