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Therefore, the cement grinding AIDS application effect, or to see how the economic efficiency of ent

photochemical NOx emissions of smoke, and environmental loading of the cement industry for the production of low environment load conditions. Life cycle assessment method (LCA) is a kind of connection with the product used to evaluate the potential impact on the environment factors and technology, and also the most widely used in international environmental compatibility evaluation method. In order to scientifically evaluate cement grinding AIDS to cement industry of energy conservation and emission reduction, should use life cycle assessment (LCA), combined with the cement industry characteristics and the actual situation of the cement production, comparative analysis grinding AIDS implementation, cement production process and reduce the environmental impact of the energy level, the environment load changes in comprehensive evaluation. 3 the grinding AIDS application technique and economic benefit of the production and business operation activities of enterprises, all around "is the core content of economic benefits and the. Therefore, the cement grinding AIDS application effect, or to see how the economic efficiency of enterprises is improved. In the fierce competition in the market economy, it is also about the content of cement enterprises. The application effect of additives, finally to reflect on the cement enterprise economic benefits, it mainly from the following aspects: (1) the consumption reducing unit output cement, (2) clinker and mixing materials production cost price, (3) in order to ensure the quality of the cement factory, under the precondition of mixing materials instead of the amount of cement clinker, (4) cement enterprises using grinding AIDS, can increase output, can reduce operating time, can avoid high electric equipment, can reduce wear and repair, can improve the labor productivity; unit personnel (5) improve grinding fineness of cement can be improved performance, multi-purpose industrial waste as mixing materials, still can enjoy preferential policies of the government. Anyhow, the application of cement grinding AIDS, without any increase in fixed asset investment and increasing operating expense circumstance, to cement production enterprise increases a saving energy, improving the property of cement controls. This means it can for cement varieties, cement mixing materials, factors such as level of the change of production enterprises, flexibly apply cement production, is one of the indispensable and important link, therefore, cement grinding AIDS application efficiency is multifaceted. However, due to various areas, each enterprise location, the price of fuel materials and energy charge standard, cement market, because of the large gap margins of cement enterprise application grinding AIDS economic benefits are also different

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