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Cement grinding AIDS application effect evaluation

China's cement industry production of building energy consumption of industrial production of the industrial production, 80% of the total consumption of energy consumption, cement industry 8.7% of task is very heavy. Currently, the developed countries cement grinding AIDS application has reached more than 90%, compared with China's cement grinding AIDS application is insufficient still, there exists a 30% of the broad space for development. Cement industry farewell "high energy consumption, high resource consumption, high pollution" process without help, in the admixture of circulation economy, industrial waste and renewable resources comprehensive utilization strength increasing year by year, including cement grinding AIDS various additives application prospects. In recent years, the application of cement grinding AIDS, it proved to cement industry sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction and benefits, beyond its own value, it has become the indispensable cement industry auxiliary materials. Cement grinding AIDS application effect, should be evaluated from the following aspects: 1. The application of grinding AIDS process quality effect in cement grinding process to join a grinding AIDS, can eliminate fine powder "or paste, accelerate the phenomenon of grinding material grinding speed grinding, increase efficiency, reduce or 3 muon m particle content, Although sometimes appear surface proqrties phenomenon, but decreases 3 ~ 30 mu m particles in the content general can increase by 10% ~ 20%, thus make cement particle composition more reasonable and more conducive to increase the rate of increase in intensity. From the grinding AIDS mechanism, grinding AIDS can reduce the surface materials could decrease the concentration molecular attraction generated outside forces to help accelerate particles crack at work, so as to improve the grinding efficiency, high quality, energy saving, high ball of purpose, In addition, grinding AIDS still using chemicals peculiar function, inspire potential water hydration activity of rigid materials, improving the strength of cement, cement, shorten the setting time, liquidity reduce water. After using grinding AIDS in grinding materials, the velocity will accelerate, within which the residence time shorten the phenomenon, and the grinding fineness (screening materials over and porosity.when) change. Commuting flow, it must adjust grinding mill, in order to adapt to the inside of the grinding fineness required products, For grinding, circle flow to control the fineness of the screen (over) in the normal range, and never have allowed the residual value of the sieve gradually increasing happen, Otherwise, not only can reduce production grinding machine, and will cause the cycle load increases and grinding machine tail, overload, jams production accidents. Because of that, using grinding AIDS after grinding process parameters of, should make necessary adjustment. In the process parameters adjustment, the grinding systems necessary technology, the technology of calibration results, calibration system parameters adjustment is the project, content, numerical range, etc. Using grinding AIDS after grinding machine, when yields, cement liquidity, grinding, reduce powder consumption volume efficiency, cement particle composition and product quality improvement, mixing materials dosage increase. For cement production unit output power consumption and cost reduction result, also should undertake the necessary technical calibration. Calibration results, the technology is grinding AIDS application effect of the appraisal conclusion. 2 application grinding AIDS environmental protection effect of cement production need to consume large amounts of energy and resources, and to a certain number of natural environmental discharge atmospheric pollutants. In the process, it is unavoidable to ecological environment caused by direct or indirect impact. As is known to all, in cement production process, the different methods of production, the production process is different, the environment load will have obvious difference, Among them, "clinker calcination" and "fenmo cement" the two process of the most serious environment load. The most obvious application of grinding AIDS of environmental protection effect is less with cement clinker and save consumption, both are important to protect the environment. In the process of cement production process and different cement grinding AIDS, can improve the traditional cement production process and reduce the influence of the environment load. Example: in the cement production process USES compound additives, only in the cement grinding process, can reduce dosage of cement clinker, mixed industrial waste and mixing materials, reduce the non-renewable resources and energy consumption, At the same time, also can effectively control the CO2 and SO2, NOx emissions of the harmful gas such as CO2 emissions, because of the greenhouse effect on the environment load, reduce because of SO2, NOx emissions caused environment acidification load and human health, damage due to reduce load caused by photochemical NOx emissions of smoke, and environmental loading of the cement industry for the production of low environment load conditions. Life cycle assessment method (LCA) is a kind of connection with the product used to evaluate the potential impact on the environment factors and technology, and also the most widely used in international environmental compatibility evaluation method. In order to scientifically evaluate cement grinding AIDS to cement industry of energy conservation and emission reduction, should use life cycle assessment (LCA), combined with the cement industry characteristics and the actual situation of the cement production, comparative analysis grinding AIDS implementation, cement production process and reduce the environmental impact of the energy level, the environment load changes in comprehensive evaluation. 3 the grinding AIDS application technique and economic benefit of the production and business operation activities of enterprises, all around "is the core content of economic benefits and the. Therefore, the cement grinding AIDS application effect, or to see how the economic efficiency of enterprises is improved. In the fierce competition in the market economy, it is also about the content of cement enterprises. The application effect of additives, finally to reflect on the cement enterprise economic benefits, it mainly from the following aspects: (1) the consumption reducing unit output cement, (2) clinker and mixing materials production cost price, (3) in order to ensure the quality of the cement factory, under the precondition of mixing materials instead of the amount of cement clinker, (4) cement enterprises using grinding AIDS, can increase output, can reduce operating time, can avoid high electric equipment, can reduce wear and repair, can improve the labor productivity; unit personnel (5) improve grinding fineness of cement can be improved performance, multi-purpose industrial waste as mixing materials, still can enjoy preferential policies of the government. Anyhow, the application of cement grinding AIDS, without any increase in fixed asset investment and increasing operating expense circumstance, to cement production enterprise increases a saving energy, improving the property of cement controls. This means it can for cement varieties, cement mixing materials, factors such as level of the change of production enterprises, flexibly apply cement production, is one of the indispensable and important link, therefore, cement grinding AIDS application efficiency is multifaceted. However, due to various areas, each enterprise location, the price of fuel materials and energy charge standard, cement market, because of the large gap margins of cement enterprise application grinding AIDS economic benefits are also different. Cement enterprise should use in grinding AIDS and professional technical team, the organization to examine economic calculation.

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