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Our technical parameters and decomposing furnace

Our 2 000 t/d clinker precalcining kiln production line since 1988, after continuous efforts, 1997, the production of clinker 62.3 million t 28220000yuan realized. But because of decomposing furnace, specification limits firing system to improve yield. Therefore, our factory in April 1998 to the expansion of decomposing furnace, aims to prolong furnace materials in time, improve the kiln production rate and clinker materials. In this paper the technical content, and a simulation test for technical condition according to before firing system decomposition furnace and the important parameters are analyzed. after
1 after technical content
Figure 1 before transformation of decomposing furnace structure size
Reconstruction of decomposing furnace structure size (see figure 1, table 1.
Table 1 reconstruction after the structure size of decomposing furnace
After the project before the change to the difference
Furnace long/m (straight canister + cone) 3.161 15 + 20 + 4.186 + 6.025
Furnace let/m3 (straight section, deduct refractory)
402 535 133
The coal injection pipe position/m (top),
17.361 (2) 23.240 (symmetric spray a spray 5.879)
Charging shoesmaking point/m (top),
24.361 20.000 (8 ° to cut into the furnace) - 4.361
Three-windtunnel position/m (top) 23.061 23.061 0
Rising flue 7.70 / m length 1.7-6
Specific content as follows: after modification
(1) the furnace body extension, the volume of decomposing furnace by 402 m3 to 535 m3, expanded the combustion space, extended the material in the retention period of furnace, material decomposition.
(2) of decomposing furnace point pulverized coal injection points 5.879 moves the coal, effectively prolong the m. coal in the furnace, the time for burning. after
(3) three times by tangential to cut the decomposing furnace to 8 ° into furnace, make some changes to produce vortex flow field of the material in the retention period of furnace. after
(4) raw material point of decomposing furnace moves  36 m, 4 surface, material in furnace shorter distances, will influence in the raw furnace time, but due to the furnace in the flow field changed, actually in the furnace materials instead. Therefore change of raw material position in the raw furnace for time.
(5) rose by the original seven flue  7 m reduced to 1  7 m, can greatly reduce the resistance between kiln stove, improve ventilation of rotary kiln calcine, to operate.

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