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QD type rotary sealing device

Rotary feed end seal for NSP kiln, the normal operation of the system is very important. Its main function is to minimize air inhaled stove and prevent leakage air inhaled, because can increase the quantity of gas furnace, increase of decomposing furnace fuel consumption and increase the load and the exhaust air preheater crust caused jams, and leakage ash can cause environmental pollution.
Along with the science and technology progress and development, have developed a wide variety of sealing method and device, are summed up and can be divided into friction, the labyrinth), air (meandering and combined several types. Design a simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance of sealing device, involving many factors are very complex. For a good sealing device at least should satisfy simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, Wear parts, and high temperature resistant, wear-resisting, and easy to replace, Reliability in operation, good sealing, Basic does not affect the kiln heat basic requirements. Our development of QD type sealing device in full consideration of the above requirements, basic design also made elaborate processing. Based on the structural characteristics and sealing device manufacturing, installation, use requirement was introduced. after
1 after working principle and structural features
QD type sealing device for the cylinder pressure surface contact, see figure 1. after
The device can be divided into two parts, not rotating rotation. Rotating parts including the back of friction material and activities, this part and ring back end flange bolted together, with the rotary kiln. Not rotating parts including fixed friction ring, radial sealing, smoke, rods, cylinder sleeve chamber and asbestos pan-gen, fixed friction ring and radial sealing through principle-energy suspension preheater smoke in the office. The use of asbestos pan-gen sealed chamber in smoke by linking piece positioning sleeve, with fixed friction surface and in the sleeve kiln, have the effect of axial seal, and through the relative displacement between two end to absorb the preheater. Cylinder along the circumference direction is fixed in the radial sealing or smoke room, through the cylinder will always activities and fixed friction friction joint together, ring radial sealing effect. In order to prevent excessive wear two friction ring, improve its service life, the design of the ring in fixed friction bearings, lubricants hole and opened by multi-point dry friction regularly to two pump with grease, both between lubrication and can prevent the combination between the two leakage. Cylinder type cylinder, heat-resisting insulation protection and the cylinder, and the cylinder with reverse installation, effectively prevent the normal operation is not caused by leakage materials and burned-out cylinder. Using cylinder pressure can make two friction ring, so the same everywhere pressure effectively prevent the friction and wear the inhomogeneity of ring up the openings and leakage, through the adjustment of cylinder pressure can ensure friction ring just stick merger will keep micro pressure reducing friction ring wear to a minimum. after
Not rotating part adopts hanging structure, because of the expansion and preheater and momentum for certain, agent, the length of the trajectory of the center for a period of arc ends among high peak and low, but the difference is only less than 1 mm, in this case will not appear on the sleeve principle-energy jammed the phenomenon. Through principle-energy can adjust its fluctuation height adjustment nut, installation will turn rods, kiln head to ensure the suspension parts in hot line with smoke, the center of the room sleeve with rods through spherical gasket fixed in the room on the stent, the smoke is reliable and convenient adjustment swing. Axis adopts asbestos pan-gen sealed can effectively prevent axial leakage, under the action of the cylinder with asbestos pan-gen preheater cylinder of kiln and fixed in the smoke in the room, in order to reduce the sleeve move its wear, design requirement manufacturer will sleeve outside surface in part of the tour pan-gen asbestos grinding smooth, must not have the burr and welding slag etc. And the guarantee of sleeve roundness. Actually, along with asbestos pan-gen is fixed, it only with the upper end, and the upper back, slow speed of kiln is only about every fluctuation kiln block 1 ~ 2 wheel, asbestos pan-gen wear very mild, under normal use 3 ~ 4 years. If BaiMaShan cement kiln, # 2 sealing of asbestos pan-gen has more than three years, still use with good sealing effect. Even wear, asbestos weaved in place can still wear a labyrinth seal, and as in normal operation, where does not leak. after

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