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Coal preparation system transformation and operation experience

A factory φ 2.5 m * m cylinder with 40 made four cyclone preheater kiln production line by line, coal preparation system supporting, gas, coal quality directly into the kiln, and thus to also cannot satisfy the calcination clinker will bring considerable difficulties. If the exhaust emissions from outside, both the waste of resources and environmental pollution. In June of 1994 to the coal preparation plant system reform. Now will be transformed and the operation experience for reference,.
Before the reform, the system process arrangement (see figure 1, the system of coarse coal fineness preparation, moisture, waste water into the kiln calcine, to meet the technological requirements.
To solve these problems, we make full use of the existing equipment, add the hot based on coarse powder separator, explosion-proof and the MDC bag filter and exhaust fan equipment (see chart 2). Also on the MDC filter is equipped with the microcomputer control system, and discusses on the dust, discharge, and implement comprehensive control movement.
Because of the original structures and load surplus construction, bag filter, thick powder separator as adopts steel structure design framework, non-standard parts adopt the design side side construction, Finally the connection during repair will stop using the complete kiln.
To ensure the best conditions of the whole system, equipment installation and operation process, we take the following measures:
(1) filter and pipe and air pipe into the mill are installing adjusting butterfly, All the pipes and adding more than 60 ° Angle plane as far as possible, in order to prevent the accumulation of coal, Piping and filter shell, and strengthen the laying insulation sealing system.
(2) in the rainy season and winter or coal moisture higher operation should be appropriately increase in temperature, fixed the skeleton of the bag, ventilation, filter bag to prevent condensation. If found in operation, esp pressure.all that hang ash filter bag, this should shorten the cycle (average 15 min ~ 20 min time), when necessary, can assist the manual, but try not to use smoke bag dust.
(3) the northern regions, to prevent the cold winter air compression in condensate affect cylinder, freezing and can use compressed air cylinder pressure increases, shorten the cycle of discharge pipe laying, pneumatic cylinder bypass the insulation layer and gas, etc.
(4) do routine maintenance. Electromagnetic valve, cleaning refueling serviced once every year cylinder, Cylinder parts (mostly seals) every year change. Here it should be pointed out that: solenoid valve clearance from the machinery fault 95%, just start with its clearance, adjust the ten minutes to repair.
(5) in the installation set bottom ash hopper double discharge valve disc, will die, and its axis welding to fall in the valve disc in the word CARDS caused by coal accumulation, spontaneous explosion accidents.
(6) strictly in accordance with the safety procedures. If the import, export, dust ash hopper temperature, the abnormal phenomenon immediately stop exhaust fan, forbidden "reverse jet dust" (use, will help oxygen aid-combustion function). Close valve, hot mill operation to stop, troubleshooting, and then after start-up equipment.
The transformation of 18 million yuan RMB, the investment recovery, according to estimates precipitator everyday at least 6.5 t, annual amounts of coal, according to 80% in recycling coal, nearly 19 t t coal cost $75, that an annual earnings of 14.3 million yuan, 15 months to recover all investment.
Practice proves that the coal preparation system reform, improve the quality and system solutions for the problems caused by the pollution emission. In particular, the system reform of the MDC type selection when run for four years, bag filter, microcomputer control system has never seen a fault, filter bag at least 2 years, The flue gas emissions, visual summer, winter is no black white gas (water vapor), the environmental protection department, many times higher in the emitting concentration monitoring 100mg/m3, shows that the filter advanced, reliable, practical, high economic, social and environmental benefits.

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