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Edge drive shaft feasibility of technological transformation

In recent years, with the edge of the drive shaft got some new construction, expansion of the factory, but because of its structure, performance characteristics and advantages and disadvantages to understand and grasp not most users in the use of time is not long after the selection for frequent breakdowns and eliminated or barely maintains production, wasteful, affected the economic efficiency of enterprises. Through the factory production technology 8.8 million t, analyses and discusses the feasibility of the reform.

1 edge drive shaft structure characteristics

The JiLiYao edge drive to the structure is simple, pin wheel shaft and the vertical shaft gear sales (installation precision tip clearance, lateral clearance acuities 5mm about 1mm), installation, debugging is simpler, stewing x-raying device inside the ball rolling by low speed (1 ~ 13r/min), without lubrication, the price is low.

2 edge drive shaft

(1) because of the original purchase only a vertical shaft bearing shaft housings, and as radial orientation in bearing is copper watts (ZQSn6-6-3), the wind and interior of clinker discharged dust and heat easily make oil leakage of copper in watts, dry friction, the shaft and tile gap increase, On the other hand, and supporting device that is in operation in radial have circumference displacement, the amount of weight load. Because only a vertical shaft bearing point positioning, stability, rigid, use within a month, bearing is damaged, part of copper watts pin shaft fracture. Due to the vertical shaft in radial gear reducer, too quickly, can't run. Damage Change before transmission assembly (see figure 1).

(2) the supporting device rolled up more than 3m both ways, and the outer ring road in the wind chamber, and the inner chamber with the same shaft diameter only for 3m. Pin wheel and doesn't support from the kiln crown into, and maintenance to cut kiln shell, and it can be limited space, the maintenance equipment.

(3) is due to the upper roller bearing material selection, and ductile iron ball materials are chosen, and 45 surface treatment HRC = 45 ~ 48, the original fluctuation that distance, use a B = 45mm measuring B = mm after rolling, and obviously on groove road, wear and abrasion too fast but only minor abrasion. Sphere

(4) edge drive shaft lifting device, the case is complex, hopper, easy operation fault. Vertical vibration electrical discharging device dust.

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