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To improve the quality of cement factory measures

With China's cement industry standards of quality gradually and the world market, the early strength of cement requirements have improved, this will give some cement, especially small and medium-sized cement production brought great difficulties. In a relatively stable quality of clinker, under the condition of surface is an important factor of cement early strength, therefore, improve cement area has become some cement looming problem. Now is our φ 2.4 m * m 14 open flow cement mill measures to improve surface was introduced. In addition, the cement high temperature also has been plagued by many cement production factory, this paper introduces a kind of lower the temperature of the simple method, cement for reference.
1 to improve the grinding cement concrete measures and porosity.when effect
Mill of related parameters, see table 1.
Table 1 φ 2.4 m * m 14 open flow cement mill enterprise process parameters
Grinding machine assembly into the ground material into the ground material specification/m storehouse room structure prediction/t production enterprise dust particle/mm enterprise way moisture / %
φ 2.4 x and three warehouse 64 open flow esp 25 1
(1) change the storehouse grinding machine room structure. In order to reduce the material flow, to improve the grinding ability, we through the mill sieve more analysis of curve of the storehouse room structure adjustment, namely a storehouse, proper length decreases the length of the storehouse, increased the au length (see chart 2).
Table 2 after adjusting grinding machine is the storehouse length mm
A storehouse two storehouse. Three
4335 6015 3360 before
After adjustment 3215 3360 7125
(2) adjusting grinding body gradation and the load. To further enhance the grinding ability, we will grind body load distribution and the adjustment, see table 3. From the table 3 can see: a warehouse from 3 to 4 with the ball with the ball, from 78 mm ball diameter average to 75 mm, loads also reduced 2 t, 2 the ball diameter reduced on average 8 mm, load reduced 2 t, Three warehouse by a kind of specification for steel instead of two types of specifications for steel for gradation, loading capacity increased 4 t.
Table 3 adjusting grinding body gradation and before loading
Before the eyes of the adjustable tuning
A storehouse two storehouse three warehouse section 2 storehouse three storehouse
Ball section specification/mm
90 80 70 70 60 50 and 70, 80 to 90 (35 40 to 60 50 to 60 28 (35 25 x 30
Load/t 3 July 8 July 30 June 3 June 4 April 8 1.5 17 April 17 2.5
Average ball diameter/mm 78 58 28 75 50 27
These measures are taken, the cement surface has greatly improved, the early strength also corresponding have been significantly improved (see table 4).
Table 4.
A mesh surface/cm2 (1), g - 3d strength/Mpa output/t h - 1)
Adjust its area is 17.4 26 before 300
31 after adjusting 380 17.6
(1) we proved reasonable adjustment with open flow ball grinding balls and gradation and filling rate, can improve the cement surface. But adjusting range GeChang shoulds not be too big, should according to the size of the grinding material factory, grinding and grinding the varieties of cement.
(2) should be adjusted according to the screen, more than about process parameters on the curve and mill storehouse room structure adjustment, adjust range should be carefully reasoning, easily otherwise of mill effect, cement output increased cost.
(3) in the appropriate improve cement surface grinding open flow under the condition of grinding machine, not lower output. If we had for warehouse room unreasonable structure, material flow, coarse, final fineness operators can. After the transformation, under normal circumstances, a mixture of cement grinding fineness basically accord with plant control indexes, reducing the fineness unqualified dare not only after the reconstruction of the phenomenon, so as to reform in front of the output.
2 reduces the simple method of cement temperature
In the transport of cement after making a sandwich on the shell machine, screw machine shell side lateral transport mezzanine below a inlet, at the other end of the above two sides of a sewage outlet, below (see chart 1). So cold water from entering interlining after the shipment by screw machine shell heat exchanger and cement on the water, heat through an outlet. The cement after every meters after heat, can reduce the temperature 2 degrees Celsius, cement effect is very good.
Using this method to note: (1) due to screw water transport machine interlining, slow impurities in sedimentary, accordingly, want to often open the outlet, below the impurities discharge. (2) outlet should put on both sides of the machine screw shipped by air, otherwise, the cooling effect. (3) regular open on the shipment inspection screw cap, avoid reamer scraping bottom cause fule leaking.

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