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Screw pump seal strength improved technology discussion

Mx52 m kiln plant φ 3.2 pulverized coal feeding coal system after the impact, the spiral flow measurement pneumatic pumps (hereinafter referred to as helical pump, similarly hereinafter) into three-channel pulverized coal canal. Which type of spiral pump for the transmission capacity, φ 146 13 m3 / h, spindle speed for 7.2 r/min. In actual use process the pump for the particularity of the equipment structure, often occur in the feed on bearing (i.e. the pulverized coal and unloading the leakage of wind these two problems. Therefore, we both the technical improvement, the effect is good, is introduced.
1 the incoming leakage problem and ash
The shaft and cabinet feed sheep felt by between the original packing seal. Because this equipment for single strut, bearing life generally shorter, when bearing clearance greaten, packing easily failure (now will cover screw to solve a problem) can twist, At the same time, when packing damage, coal will along the axial bearing housing, and through every change into bearing (found oil pool bearings, full of pulverized coal), and increased in bearing damage, bearing wear, sometimes a month is faster, and a need to change bearing replacement is troublesome, and bearing of the kiln thermal damage. According to statistics, 1995, in 1996 and 1997 for bearing damage, number of kiln for 4 times, three times and three times.
Improve the packing seal, will retain, add a wind leaf (size can be embedded in the shell), installed in the rear axle spiral (see chart 1) physical line. So, the spiral pump operation, wind leaf and the shaft rotates, leak into the coal basically can be thrown in. When suddenly, there will be little power coal into the wind leaf, then turned on by packing to "live", and thrown into aggregate box. The biggest advantage is sealed change "" for" dredging, effectively solved four37-metre sealing problem. Since April 1998 to replace the draft, has run into nearly 1,000 h, without fault.
2 unloading the problems and the improvement of wind
In order to prevent the outside pressure containing dust, influence of wind rush board flowmeter measurement, the design adopts unloading press block sealing. When using, such as press block is not timely eduction, coal, And when YongMeiLiang lower coal into strand shape, while the stove YongMeiLiang high, motor overloaded, easy trip. If pressure is too light, and will be sent coal high-pressure the wind and lose. Therefore appropriate adjustments to the press is not high, counterweight to the wind, Screw axis and will remove half spiral vane (see chart 2) in line. Formed by coal feeding, prevent to seal the back of coal. Take this measure, unloading the problem has been solved of wind.

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