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Side Discharge Valve of Motorized Air Slide

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Structure characters and application:
  Side discharge valve of motorized air slide(electrohydraulic three-way valve)is also called chute, which is developed by our company according to the special request of solid grain and powder material. It is composed of valve body, valve shaft, valve plate, curve handle structure, motorized handspike (electrohydraulic handspike, pneumatic handspike or manual structure) etc. It is characterized by small volume, light weight, higher abrasion capacity, long using life and small resistance. Using motorized handspike, electrohydraulic handspike and pneumatic handspike may change the material flow direction. It is an ideal equipment to control shifting of material flow in material conveying system. It is widely used to convey solid particles and powder material of building material, metallurgy, mining, light industry, foodstuff etc.
Main technical capacity:
  Suitable media: powder and dust content solid grain
  Suitable temperature:≤350℃
  Power voltage:380V 50HZ
  Air pressure of air source:0.4-0.6MPa  
Type description:
D— motorized handspike
S—by hand
Dy—electrohydraulic handspike
Q—Pneumatic handspike
Fc—material dividing valve
a—material dividing angle
—Side three-way
—Right three-way
—four-waytwo in and two out
—four-waysone in and three out

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