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Rod gate

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Rod gate is also called discharge adjuster, which is the replacing product of screw gate. Comparing with screw gate, it is characterized by nimble open and convenient operation.                                                         
Rod gate is convenient for the discharge of lump material (≤50mm) esp. the discharge of moist silo of cement plant, avoiding of overstock. It is widely applied in building material.  The speciation of this product is complete. There can be many kinds of specification according to different discharging openings and the output is 0-100T/h. 
Rod gate is a traditional product which is widely used in metallurgy, mining and building material etc. It is an ideal equipment to control material flow of 50mm.
1.The structure is simple and capacity is reliable. It has overcome the shortcoming that the gate cannot be closes because of the big grain materials. This valve is used single rod. So the operation force is small and it can be operated nimbly.                                                                            
2.The structure of rod valve is made of quality carbon steel which can bear strong strength with long using life and convenient maintenance.                             
3.As it is used the structure of double rods, it overcomes the shortcoming of small loading. Therefore it is used in heavy load conditions.
 Work principle:
  Rod gate is mainly composed of frames and rods. When rods are inserted into the frames, rods will become into a parallel plate. Make material block in one side of the gate. Take one rod, then there will be a big opening on the plate. The material will feed into another side of the gate through the big opening. The quantity of rods taken out will be decided by the process procedure. 

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