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Palatal type gate

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A, overview
Palatal type gate applies to heap proportion acuities 2.5 t/m3 all kinds of ore, coal, coke, ash, chemical product and disperses the shape material, is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass etc industries under-bin discharging.
Second, the structure characteristics
Palatal type gate USES the high quality carbon steel welding forming, unique structure, reliable and flexible operation without jam phenomenon. With different transmission device can satisfy different working conditions needs. Electric palatal type gate with overloading protective device by motor-driven push-rod. Can avoid damage motor, at a distance control or program control, reciprocating stroke can accurately adjust the position self-locked. Nantong China-Mining electric hydraulic palatal type gate using electrohydraulic push rod, full hydraulic transmission, push pull all can realize stepless speed regulation. Nantong China-Mining pneumatic palatal type gate adopt pneumatic push rod, long-distance manipulation by accessories combination can be controlled or site. SEF for manual, DEF for electric, Y for electric hydraulic, pneumatic QEF for.
Three, performance parameters
Four, transmission device parameters
Five, the working principle
Palatal type valve is made up of ontology, fan-shaped disc, axle, gear, seal, actuator etc. Manual or actuator drives rocker, make gear drive fan-shaped disc rotate along axis, make two fan wedge open to both sides, then material drop, wait for after loading device, then loaded by actuator drives rocker, make the disc replace reset, close cut down the dropping material.
Six, instructions
1, installation, please pay attention to the flow direction of medium marked on the body. Between the two flanges must add sealing gaskets, then tighten bolts evenly.
2, operation, the open-close direction, actuators please correct connection.
3, runtime, please add lubricant to the transmission parts regularly.

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