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Linear Rail Type Ship Loader

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Product Overview

The linear rail type ship loader includes the powder ship loader and the bulk material ship loader. The powder ship loader is mainly used for the loading of bulk cement, fly ash and other powder materials, while the bulk material ship loader is mainly used for the loading of cement clinker, and also can be used for the loading of materials mixed with block and powder. The walking ship loader can only move forward and backward on the track during loading, and can align or distribute materials on the transverse position of the ship.

The walking ship loader is arranged vertically with the carrying vessel, and its walking distance determines the tonnage of its loading vessel. When it is necessary to load a larger ship, it requires a larger space for retreat. Therefore, the installation characteristics of this ship loader are that the longitudinal depth is large, while the transverse width is relatively small, which does not affect the operation of other equipment on the wharf. The bulk head of the ship loader can completely move back to the shore before and after the loading operation, and don’t interference with the bridge and mast of the ship.

Structural features

The linear rail loader is a kind of efficient continuous loading equipment. It is composed of tail car, slewing mechanism, telescopic chute system, boom system, door seat frame, lower support beam, boom pitching system, boom telescopic system, belt conveyor system, crane traveling system, support system, dust removal device, windproof anchorage and anti-skid device, windproof cable device, cab, electrical room, electrical system, lubrication system, platform walkway and ladder, etc.

Working Principle

The working principle of the machine: the tail truck feeding system is arranged in parallel along the wharf, the rotary mechanism is installed on the walking platform with rotatable rotary bearings, and the materials are transported to the head by the belt conveyor on the ship loader, and then dropped through the telescopic chute to load the ship. The whole loading operation is by means of fixed ship and moving machine. This machine is installed on the dock apron track, and the tail car is driven by the crane traveling system to move in a straight line along the shore track and is pulled forward (backward). During the loading process, through single or combined movement of crane walking, boom telescopic rotation and boom pitching mechanisms, the ships of different modes can be covered in both length and width directions so as to realize the loading purpose. In addition, the actions of boom pitching and telescopic chute can adapt to the changes of different water levels and the material height of the loaded ship.

Related parameters

Overall structure

Equipment type: Mobile

Suitable ship: ship of 3000t~5000t

Control method: Manual mode under PLC control

Type of goods: Coal

Rated loading capacity: 1000t/h

Gauge / base distance 14m/10m

Total number of tires/ Number of driving wheels 12/8

Max. tire pressure ≤250KN

Max. outstretching distance to the track on the water side 16m

Rotation range -90°~+90°

Telescopic distance of chute 17m

Boom pitching scope:Working -12° ~+15°, Not working +30°

Operating mechanism

Walking speed: 0~25m/min

Slewing mechanism

Speed: 0.5r/min

Cantilever pitching mechanism

Average pitching speed: 3.6m/min (Linear speed at the hinge point of the chute)

Chute lifting mechanism

Speed: 7.6m/min

Boom belt conveyor

Belt speed: 2.5m/s

Belt width: 1200mm

Conveying angle: -12°~+15°

Intermediate belt conveyor

Belt speed: 2.5m/s

Belt width: 1200mm

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