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Ship Loader

  • Ship Loader

    The ship loader on circular rail is a kind of efficient continuous ship loading equipment. It is widely used in cement, grain, sand, coal and other industries.

  • Linear Rail Type Ship Loader

    The linear rail type ship loader includes the powder ship loader and the bulk material ship loader.

  • Mobile Hopper

    Chinaming dust suppression and environmental protection hopper adopts a variety of dust and environmental control technologies to solve the above problems, such as the top anti-cross wind shield, dust seal system and integrated pulse dust collector.

  • Linear Horizontal Telescopic Ship Loader

    The linear horizontal telescopic ship loader consists of parts including a chute telescopic mechanism, a belt conveyor, a boom telescopic mechanism, a running mechanism, telescopic boom system, gantry system, tail car system and electrical equipment.

Complete Technology system


Profile bending machine is the 21st century more advanced profile bending equipment, bending machine is widely used in automobile, elevator, petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries circular flange.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine Section Bending Machine