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Pneumatic conveying pump(pneumatic conveying system) manufactured by Nantong China-mining Equipments Co.,Ltd. is a special equipment designed with pneumatic pressure difference and fluid technology, with the theory of absorbing modern pneumatic conveying. For many years experience, it is designed for plenty of and near distance conveying equipment of powder pneumatic conveying equipment. Comparing with other dust filter for removing dust of firepower plant, cement , metallurgy and wharf, pneumatic conveying pump(pneumatic conveying system) is characterized the following:
1.Simple structure, dependable driving and stable conveying.
2.Simple operation and convenient arrangement.
3.Complete sealing and no pollution conveying meet the request of environment protection and the quality of conveying material: As it is used lower positive pressure, complete sealing and conveying, material outside can’t enter into the pipes. Therefore the character of conveying material will not change. 
4.The quality of air source is not higher and the dependability of the system is high: Low pressure pneumatic conveying system composing of low pressure continuous pump is characterized by the dependability of other pneumatic conveying equipment. As it use roots fan normally, (it may use high pressure centrifugal fan or air compressor),the dependability of roots fan decide the dependability of the system. As continuous pump composes pneumatic conveying system, the quantity and types of the equipment is less, therefore the whole system is simple and dependable. Continuous conveying pressure is stable and without any crushing loader. The body of structure is simple, no much action of normal conveying process and reduce the trouble of the equipment.
5.Reasonable economy and lower cost, Lower pressure continuous pneumatic conveying system composed of lower pressure has above mentioned characters. So the cost is lower and excellent driving figures. It is welcomed by the construction unit and operation department. 


  Driving ways of pneumatic conveying pump (pneumatic conveying system): continuous type and discontinuous type. Air source pressure is applied widely. Work pressure is 50-100Kpa which is confirmed by conveying distance and conveying volume. Conveying distance is <250m,Height is <32m,temperature is -20℃~150℃,Conveying air volume and the size of conveying tube will be confirmed according to the conveying capacity and conveying distance. Usually select it on the basis of the equipped list of QLB continuous conveying pump. 


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