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Dry dust bulk loader

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Coal dust bulk loader of generating plant is mainly used in bulk loading of powder coal and cement bulk loading of cement plant. Comparing with normal bulk loader, it is characterized by separated from drawn parts, improve the driving rate and durability of the equipment. It is equipped with unloader, conveying air slide, vibration hopper etc feeding automatic bulk loading equipment, ship loading equipment with automatic control system. Work in sealing condition and prevent dust leak out.
Main structure and work principle
1、Flexible bulk loader
Flexible bulk loader is composed of driving frame, hoisting structure, driving device, loose wire structure, channel steel pedestal, level meter, dust suction fan, discharge pipe, dust suction pipe and bulk loading head. Material will flow feeding tank through discharge pipe. The dust between discharger pipe and dust suction pipe is discharged into filtering bag or dust silo via dust suction fan. Discharge pipe and dust suction pipe may be flexible. With the help of lifting and falling, the lifting of bulk loading head is through driving system of the hoister safe control device and loose wire device.
2、Outside falling head of dry dust bulk loader is lining with rubber layer, sealing with tank truck. 
3、The structure of discharge head is double cone. The discharging opening will be closed automatically after lifting. 
4、Level mater is used original import solid tuning fork limit switch with high quality, nimble and dependable.  
Main technical parameter
Loading capacity(t/h)
Diameter of discharge pipe Φmm
Diameter of sucking material
Travel of bulk loading head mm
Lifting and falling speed of bulk loading head
Outline dimensionL×W×Hmm
Total weight(t)
Installation and commissioning
1. After installing the equipment, first drive in no load: start hoisting device and make bulk loading head fall and lift. Watch it whether it is nimble and stable. Test running go on the following work:
2.Testing of pulling cord switch make bulk loading head down to the Max. travel. Make bulk loading head and truck tank seal together. Make bulk loading head down continuously. At this time, wire ropes is in loose condition and pulling cord limit switch will send out the signal. 
3. When Bulk loading head is lifted to the regulated hanging position, bulk loading head lifts to final limit switch. Lifting on-off switch of hoisting device will send out the signal and bulk loading head will stop lifting. 
Operation sequence
When the truck is in the right position, half-automatic control device will be used to descend the the bulk loading head. When the bulk loading head is closely connented with the ash inlet of the truck,restart the automatic controlling device. Start the fan automatically and open the upper feeder to feed into the truck. When the charging tank is full, the level switch will feel and give out signals. The relative electric control or pneumatic control will close the feeder automatically. Delay some time (normally 4 to 6 seconds), close the dust suction fan by itself. At last, it will lift the bulk loading head and finish one-time discharging. The feeder and dust suction fan will interlock during feeding and discharging process. That is to say, one action is done, the other one can not be started or stopped. Interlocking must be removed if the sequence need to be disturbed.
matters need attention
1.The bulk loading head must be aligned with the mouth of the tank when operating. Or there will be flash.
2.During feeding, if there is much dust raising, it means blocking of material. Stop feeding immediately. Do not lift the bulk loading head.
3.If the bulk loading head is down and the steel rope is loose, stop the hoister to prevent accidents. Therefore, when operating, notice that the bulk loading head falls down to the right position without lighted indication light. It means the pull-cord switch is not working, and stop feeding immediately, lift the bulk loading head and do inspection job.
4.If the level meter doesn’t give out when the material is full. Stop feeding immediately and lift the bulk loading head. If the level meter is not working, stop feeding for inspection.
5.If there is flash during feeding, stop it immediately. Do not lift the bulk loading head when the material is full. First take the suction tube preventer down, discharge the storing material and then lift the bulk loading head.
6.If the outlet pipe is not flexible, adjust the length of steel rope to make it flexible.


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