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Pneumatic butterfly valve (Zma/scW-0.6)

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Pneumatic butterfly valve (Type Zma/scW-0.6) is matched with pneumatic film and piston actuator. It is widely used in metallurgy, generating plant, petroleum, chemical industry, building material etc. It changes media flow of liquid, gas and vapour in pipeline according to the different control signals, realizing automatic control and remote control during industry manufacture process. 
QDF series pneumatic & double-actuator butterfly valve uses compressed air as power. Pneumatic driver will drive the valve plate and make it rotate in valve body to realize its on anf off effect. For the actuating elements, we import German Festo electromagnetic control and pneumatic driving products. It is characterized by tight structure, small volume,dependable driving, safe and convenient installation, quick response speed, optional safe type and high performance-price ratio etc. It can be used in the automatic control system.
QDF series double-actuator pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of double pneumatic drivers (including solenoid coil, limit switch and air pipeline), butterfly valve, PLC controller.
Main technical parameter of type ZSCW-0.6
Remarks:Technical figures comply with normal technical condition of pneumatic adjustable valve of GB4213-92.
main technical parameter of ZSCW-0.6
 1. Apply double-piston driving and gear driving of double racks. It is characterized by small volume and large output torque. 
2. The piston is connected with gear rack. The flexiblwe piston ring and opening bearing shell are tightly pasted on the inside wall of the cylinder to make it work stably.
3. The surface of the relative driving part has been through special treatment. It is anti-abrasive and is with long life. 
4. The parts of cylinder body and piston are used aluminium alloy material. It is of good outlooking and light weight.
5. Travel switch can be installed to send feedback signal of valve position in remote distance and to display the work condition of butterfly valve.
6. The continuous working life of electromagnetic valve of the driver is over 4,0000,000 times.
 Ⅱ、 Main technical parameter

Work temperature
Normal temperature -15-250
Leakage ratio
Middle temperature -40450
Valve plate of valve body
High temperature -60650
Nominal pressure(MPa)
Rotated angle of valve plate(0)
Pressure of air source(MPa)
Filling material
Physical properties of flow material
Soft graphite
Aproximity percentage
Soft graphite (-40~450-40~650)

Ⅲ、 Outline and installation dimension
Outline of type ZMAW-0.6 refers to drawing 1. Outline of type ZSCW-0.6 refers to drawing 2. Outline installation dimension refers to table 4 and table 5.
Ⅳ、 Outline dimension of ZMAW-0.6k/b Pneumatic film butterfly valve
nominal diameter
Outline dimension of ZSCW-0.6k/b pneumatic adjuatable butterfly valve :
nominal diameter, nominal pressureactuator typeeffective area of pistonmax. travelsignal pressureoperation pressurerotated angle of valve platemax. allowable DP rated flow factorflow factoroutline and connection dimension
 *Remarks:The allowable DP is the opening of 70 degree of valve.
Main technical parameter of butterfly
Nominal pressure
≤ PN6.4
Nominal diameter
Flange DN50~DN600
Suitable media
Water, atmosphere, petroleum, nitric acid, acetic acid, viscous fluid, stock and strong oxidizing media etc.
Media temperature
-40 +350
Material of valve body
Iron casting or stainless steel etc.
Sealing material
polyfluortetraethylene (PTFE) or EPR, NBR etc.
Control pressure of the driver
0.25~0.8 MPa           
The starting and stopping time of pneumatic valve
0.5~8 seconds                     
Voltage of solenoid valve
DC12,24V    AC24,42,110,230V    and special voltage
anti-explosion type of solenoid valve (DC24V)
E EX m IIC T5   E EX d IIC T5     E EX ia IIC T6
Type of travel switch

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