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Train bulk loader

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Technical parameter of train truck loader:
1、The max. capacity of train truck loader is 300t/h;
2、The max. falling travel of bulk loading head of train bulk loader is 2500. The Max. travel distance is 6000;
3、The power of motor of the hoister is 2.2KW,The voltage is 380V;
4、The power of travel motor is 1.5KW. The voltage is 380V;
5、The power of bulk loading vibration electrics is 0.06KW,220V;
6、The power of ventilator of train bulk loader is 2.2KW. The voltage is 380V;
7、Dust filter is provided by the customer. Air volume of dust filtering is about 4200m3/h;
8、When placing an order of electric control case, we can design it according to the control requirements. 
1、Steel rail is not included in the supply of truck bulk loader. The customer is asked to prepare and fix it by himself.
2The height difference of steel rail of train bulk loader should be≤1mm in the same level. Height difference of rail connection is less than 1mm
The center of steel rail is 1350±1.5
Weld JY28-00-13 travel switch as the moving limit position at the end of steel rail of 5620mm.

1Hoisting device 2Watch window 3pull-cord switch device 4Wheel device
Blower  6Double air slides 7travel reducer 8Bulk loading head
Feeding apparatus of train bulk loader 10Steel rail of 24Kg/mThe fixed way is confirmed by himself.

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Fax:+86-513-88400998 Tel:+86-513-88400999 E-mail:jszk@vip.163.com
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