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Clinker bulk loader

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Brief introduction of clinker bulk loader
Clinker bulk loader manufactured by Nantong China-Mining Cement Equipment Co. LTD. is a loading equipment to convey clinker automatically. Bottom silo cement clinker bulk loader is mainly composed of motorized fan valve, hoisting device, flexible discharge device, dust collection hoses, capacitor limit switch, electric control system etc.The customer may select side silo clinker bulk loading equipment.  

Technical parameter list:
Technical capacity
Technical parameter
Conveying material
Ceement clinker or similar lump material
Material density
Material temperature
Material granularity
Loading capacity
Flexible distance of discharge head
According to the customer’s requirement.
Hand rod valve
Motorized fan valve
Pneumatic rod valve
8m/min 20KN 3KW
Capacitor limit switch
VEGACAP11 Probe length:400mm   Probe diameter ф20/ф15mm   work pressure:6300KPa   work temperature:-40℃-200℃
Loading power
Work principle:
When transport vessel enters loading position, take the relative rods out of the bar valve. Press the button of DOWN in the control panel. After discharge head is to the position, the power of lifitng motor will cut off automatically. Press the button of LOADING, start to discharge. Auxiliary equipment will start work. The dust caused by discharge will enter the inlet hopper. Discharge head from flexible hose will be purified by dust filter. When material in the discharge head is full, discharge head will lift, at the same time alarm. Lifting distance will be setted before loading. If it is lifted one meter, the time of time relay will be adjusted at the same time T=1/V. During the lifting, the loading is always continuing. When the discharge head is full, do the above action again and again. After reaching the full position, press the STOP button to make the motor reverse vibrat or close the fan valve and stop other equipments. After it is stopped, the discharge head can be lifted for some distance from the material to ensure the movement of transport vessel. Then check the second discharge work position till the whole silo is full.
SZT300 - Ⅰ / 1 clinker bulk machine technology parameters and schematic drawing
SZT300 - Ⅰ / 2 clinker bulk machine schemes
SZT300 - Ⅱ clinker bulk machine schemes

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