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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator NE, NSE series board chain bucket elevator characteristics and technical requirements
◎ taken into the feeder, so that all parts of conveyors and materials as well as extrusion and collisions between the rare, stable operation and easy maintenance.
◎ plate chain conveyor surface contact with, instead of the traditional bucket chain's point of access, so that a large increase service life, conveyor chain life up to five years.
◎ taken into the feeder due to gravity induced unloader, bucket low line speed high (15-30m/min), no feed back to the phenomenon of power is only equivalent to ordinary link chain bucket elevator about 40%.
◎ running high, trouble-free operation up to 30,000 hours or more.
◎ transmission capacity, transmission range when the 15-800m3 / h.
◎ sealing, little environmental pollution.


◎ operation, easy maintenance, less wearing parts.


NE, NSE series board chain bucket elevator


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